Saturday 6th January 2018

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VLLNS launch their much anticipated first single ‘The Devil & The Deep Sea’ from ‘Sentiments’, their forthcoming EP. A three piece rock band from Dublin with their musical roots placed firmly between Blues, Indie and Alt rock. Expect heavily distorted guitars, hard hitting drums and winding vocals.

Alex Smyth

An Alternative Instrumentalist at the forefront of the Ambient Cinematic scene in Ireland. Equipped solely with a Guitar, Electronic Drum Pad and a suitcase full of FX pedals, Alex is capable of soundscapes Nialler9 has described as being “A little bit Low-Fi, a little bit Baleric and a little bit Chill-Wave”.


Heavy Rock band based out of Enfield and Dublin, with members Robert Kelly, David Strutt, Declan Greville and Stephen Tyrrell. Their sound is a mixture of melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs and rolling drum fills, influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Dinosaur Jr and Melvins. Their latest EP will be released on the 29th of December.

Odd Morris

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