Trick Mist / Dublin Album Launch w/ Elephant and Video Blue


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Trick Mist ‘Both Ends’ Dublin Album Launch w/ special guests Elephant & VIDEO BLUE

Songwriter, electronic musician and multi instrumentalist Trick Mist (Gavin Murray) set for Bello bar, Dublin to mark the release his debut album ‘Both Ends’ via Pizza Pizza Records. Very Special guests on the night are label mate Elephant and Video Blue


Listening to the music of Cork (Ireland) based electronic songwriter Trick Mist (Gavin Murray) is almost a meditative experience. His arsenal of original samples combined with gestures towards traditional music and storytelling lyrics, create a captivating immersive soundscape for the listener.

Self produced in Ireland, on the road in India and South-East Asia, ‘Both Ends’ is a compelling, cohesive and original body of work. Sonically the album draws heavily from a unique library of sounds captured by Murray while travelling. Emotionally intense and deeply thoughtful, the album is a product both of Murray’s internal monologue and his external environment created over the last 2 years.


Elephant, the musical vehicle of Dundalk (Ireland) based multi-instrumentalist Shane Clarke has taken a turn to a darker alternative-pop sound with his new album, titled ‘88’. Coupled by his love of the 80’s new romantics and an aversion to complacency, Shane and producer Joseph Edwards have produced a genre spanning, hour long concept album about a man who travels back in time to all the most important conversations of his past. And, as the fly on the wall, asks the question…what if I had done things differently?


Video Blue is a project by Dundalk (Ireland) native Jim O’Donoghue Martin.
Embracing ambient electronica and guitar driven alt-pop; the music is a highly personal rolling document of his life.
All of the music is recorded in his east London bedroom.
Debut album ‘Love Scenes’ was released on the 13th of March 2017.

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