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Threelakes usually performed as a solo act, until in 2012 a special occasion brought the members of The Flatland Eagles together: they played at the benefit concert “Abbassa”, a fundraiser for Finale Emilia’s music school, heavily damaged by an earthquake. The band decided to keep playing together and released the EP “Uncle T” the same year. The first LP “War Tales” was released in October 2013; a concept album full of family stories entwined with historical war events, like the song “D-day”, and personal wars, like “The day my father cried”.

The new LP record “Golden Days” is going to be released in October 2018. Recorded during the summer of 2017, it’s a big rock songs album, full of guitars and hope.

During last 5 years Threelakes played almost 200 gigs sharing the stage with: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lee Ranaldo, Timber Timbre, Micah P. Hinson, Califone, Hey Colossus, Marisa Anderson, Chris Coen, Follakzoid, Teho Teardo, Widowspeak and many more….

Jane Willow is a Dutch singer-songwriter who moved to Ireland at age 21 to pursue music after a stint of studying songwriting at a Dutch Music College. Her music is laced with Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake influences and her light vocals are often compared to the likes of Norah Jones and Lisa Hannigan. In her music she experiments with folk, jazz and classical elements, whilst keeping her rich, soft and velvet-like voice at center stage.

On her debut EP she collaborates with Dave Hingerty (drums: Kila, The Frames), Vyvienne Long (cello: Damien Rice) and regular band members Joanna Marie Burke (backing vocals), Eoin Healy (bass), Derek Copley (mandolin) and Scott Flanigan (keys).


Bua music has a deep power, a power to lift, a power to heal.
Music should illuminate you!
Music offers a beautiful consolation to people in need. Think of a song that reminds you of a lost loved one, or a song that wraps around you when you’re down and out. Even the music that makes you get up and start moving, living, or singing along in the shower!

Without music, without colour.
Without beauty, without dreams.

I fight against a world without.

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