The Odyssey Alone


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The Odyssey Alone – The next night of Irish music is in Bello Bar Portabello Thursday the 24th of January featuring performances from the brilliant Baby Witch, CARRON, Rob Gerard & Andrew Mc Carthy. Tickets €5 at the door. All profits & donations to Alone charity for the elderly. Hope to see many of you there!


Originally from Northern Ireland, Clara Marie spent most of the past decade writing music in Montmartre, Paris and is currently based in Dublin. There she met drummer and electronic producer Hugh Cresswell and together they form Baby Witch.

Baby Witch draws piano music into the realm of psychedelic wonder pop with ethereal vocals set over powerful hypnotic rhythms, surrealist lyrics and a dash of tongue in cheek cabaret.


Known for Fusing the classic folk rock sensibilities of Fleetwood Mac with the towering tribal aura of Florence Welch, CARRON have undergone somewhat of a renaissance since the release of their debut EP ‘Roots’ and No. 1 single ‘Battle Lines’ last year, shaking up their sound with the addition of a more electric edge. What began as a healing project for the two sisters during a period of illness has morphed into a dramatic full band show conducted by a reinvigorated and refocused sibling partnership. These sisters simply cannot wait to show everyone what they’re made of!

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