The Loafing Heroes – Meandtertales Launch


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The Loafing Heroes are launching their new album meandertales on April 13th in the Bello Bar, Dublin and in Music Box in Lisbon on April 19th. The album was recorded at UFO Studios in Berlin. With members from Ireland, Italy, Germany, USA and Zimbabwe, the cosmopolitan dream-folk group merge strikingly poetic lyrics with soulful melodies from autoharp, viola, bass clarinet, guitar, concertina and percussion in this their sixth album. Based in Lisbon, the project conveys a subversive idea of ‘loafing’ (in slowness, wandering, and perhaps even as an art of living and seeing) throughout the albums. The band’s vision of entanglement, compassion and creativity responds to the technological overload and ecological catastrophe of our troubled times.
The new album will be available on vinyl, CD and in digital formats in April.

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