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The Jimmy Cake & The Bonk

Saturday 2nd December // 8pm // €12 + Booking Fee

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December 2nd comes but twice a year and to celebrate, The Jimmy Cake will be playing their annual seasonal show in Bello Bar. They will be joined by experimental pop groovers The Bonk hailing from Cork, Ireland’s fourth biggest city who just self-released a really terrific 7-track cassette which is extremely deserving of your attention.

The Jimmy Cake

2017 has been a truly tumultous year starting with huge changes in Wexford County Council and culminating in the August collapse of the print version of Xposé, TV3’s celebrity gossip & fashion magazine. Such an environment can be hard for artists to thrive in because without light then how can we even know that we’re in darkness or something?

Despite these art odds, 2017 saw the release of The Jimmy Cake’s latest work, Tough Love, a kosmische/stoner collision and their debut album on the mighty Penske Recordings label. It was received with no small degree of enthusiasm with The Thin Air proclaiming it “another remarkable achievement from a band still at the peak of their powers after a decade and a half” and the Irish Times declaring it their Irish Album Of The Week. They also played some rather electric sets at Raw Power in London, Body & Soul in Ireland and The Galway Jazz Festival over in the EU.

The Bonk

‘The Bonk is a project based around compositions by Philip Christie (O Emperor). Gathering influences from 60’s garage, jazz and experimental pop, recursive rhythms and improvised melody are brought together in loose minimal song forms

[blockquote cite=”Albert Twomey – Penske” type=”left” class=”mvl pvl prl”]“part kosmische post-punk dystopia, part time-lapsed motorik stoner rock. Both sides menace and swell, playing with time and space before building to two distinct strains of glorious sonic pay-off.”[/blockquote]
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