The 202s Vinyl Album Launch


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The 202s celebrate the vinyl release of their second album From When The Future Was Yet To Hurt Us with a show in Dublin’s Bello Bar on November 30th. This release (made possible by a successful Fundit campaign) presents the album in the format for which it was conceived. Encompassing two overlapping and interweaving categories: casual, funky electronic groove and melancholic pop, the album is distinctly split into Sides A and B. Opening with the wistful dream-pop of Up In Thin Air, Side A takes in the new wave swagger of Dash For The Exit, the relentless groove of Oh My My and the buzzing synths of Melodiglockthing before offering a mid-point respite with the atmospheric ambience of Refrain. Side B kicks off with the dystopian disco stomp of Soul Don’t Boogie, moving on to the album’s emotional centrepiece, the 7 minute electroacoustic groove of Love Is In. It concludes lyrically with the muted ambience of Experts & Amateurs before segueing into the hypnotic organ and percussion drone of Are You For Real? Overall From When The Future Was Yet To Hurt Us finds the band in distinctly more experimental mode than their debut effort – “older, wiser and slightly weirder,” as one commentator observed. Their love of classic art pop – Bowie, Can, Eno, Talking Heads – is apparent throughout, as is their commitment to moulding these influences into something distinctly individual and unique.

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