Post-Punk Podge&The Technohippies w/ Crowhammer, the DPM


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/// Post Punk Podge & the Technohippies ///

Post Punk Podge and The Technohippies return to face Dublin once again. Like a techno freaked Jim Morrison in shorts with an envelope on his head, Post punk Podge & TT’s blisteringly intense live shows are quickly becoming the stuff of legend. Merging all the available musical genres, mashing them together, and spitting them out through a filter of brutally honest lyricism, PPP & TT are outspoken on a range of topics from homelessness, domestic abuse, politics, and the wonder that is Limerick city. The group released their latest EP “Post Millenium Tension” in 2019 to widespread acclaim. Get a unique chance to see PPP&TT in full form before they embark on a summer tour jam packed with Irish festival slots, and their debut Glastonbury gig.


/// the disco Participation matrix ///

Party-drone enthusiasts, the disco Participation matrix, combine the sounds of post-punk and bass heavy noise music, adding lashings of pounding pounding techno to the mix when necessary. They are currently in the process of recording their debut EP at Guerrilla Sounds studios, which they expect to release later in 2019. They regularly update their facebook in order to engage with their fanbase. This can be found here:

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