Peachface ‘You Never Saw Me Dance’ single launch


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PEACHFACE will launch their debut single “You Never Saw Me Dance” with a gig in Bello bar, Dublin on Friday, 11th January. PEACHFACE are joined by Galway garage-pop delights Dott and Dublin singer songwriter Darragh McCabe.
Having already captured hearts and ears at their performances supporting Paddy Hanna, and headlining Bagful of Songs in Drogheda this year PEACHFACE bring their synth pop indie sound to Bello Bar. Expect some neon some 90’s MIDI synths, a couple of shiny neon guitars and dialled up drum machines.
Galway noise pop group Dott tread the line between the sugary, handclap-filled melodies of early-‘60s AM radio and the lo-fi fuzz of ‘90s garage rock. Their eagerly awaited second album ‘Heart Swell’ was released on Graveface Records in June 2018.
Darragh McCabe – a singer, songwriter and producer from Dublin – completes the line up. Drummer for Alien She and formerly known as Jon Dots, this is his first show under his own name.
Here’s the promo video for ‘You Never Saw Me Dance’

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