Oíche: Live at Bello Bar

Friday 17th November // 8pm // Tickets €5.92 – €11.23

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Oíche presents a night of live music with four diverse acts and a range of genres from r&b/soul, electronic, funk and rock music.


Actor/singer-songwriter, who plays David Hennessy in the TV3 soap, Red Rock has prepared to dive into a new endeavor, with the formation of his band ‘Where’s Luke?’
Adam Weafer will be joined by bandmates, Adam Hogan on lead guitar, Luke Byrne on drums, Craig Mulvagh on bass. Listen to the band’s EP preview clip to get a taste of what to expect from Where’s Luke? – Hotpress Magazine


3 piece band from Dublin, Dreaming Of Jupiter’s music is a fusion of ambient and electronic flavours with soulful vocals and deep grooves. The music, which crosses genres, has been described as a blend of melodic pop with electronica, new soul and trip-hop. – Breaking Tunes


Claire Z is an Irish Singer-Songwriter performing in and around the genre of R&B/Soul. She is currently working towards recording her first EP. With her sweet soulful voice and tasteful jazz-infused sounds, Z is building a promising future for herself within the industry.


Born in Argentina and based in London, Facundo has been playing in different rock bands around the world since the age of 15. Key influences in his music include Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson. He is in the process of recording his first album, which will be instrumental in advancing these songs at Oiche on 17th November.

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