The Kaleidoscope series’ October chapter will feature the Irish premiere of American composer Jennifer Jolley’s “Prisoner of Conscience”, a recently composed work about the arrest and trial of Pussy Riot, performed by Dublin-based all-female vocal ensemble Dulciana (proudly described as “that feminist choir”), founded by Eoghan Desmond and now directed by Judith Lyons. Niwel Tsumbu, who has developed an enviable reputation as a masterfully elegant and fluent guitarist, vocalist, musician, collaborator and composer since arriving in Ireland in 2004 from the Congo, will be performing with Irish percussionist Eamonn Cagney in a snapshot of African/Irish fusion wonderment. Another guitar hero, Irishman John Walsh will romance the Bello Bar audience with his flamenco compositions and arrangements, his spellbinding speciality. The series also introduces on this autumn night its “association” for the 2018/2019 season with the Irish Baroque Orchestra. IBO members Anita Vedres (violin) and Malachy Robinson (viol) are joined by Jennifer Robinson (recorder) and David Adams (harpsichord) for some baroque wizardry


G.P Telemann: ‘Trio Sonata in C Minor’ | Jennifer Jolley: ‘Prisioner of Conscience’ | Flamenco Guitar | African-Irish Fusion


Anita Vedres (vln) | Jennifer Robinson (recorder) | Malachy Robinson (viol) | David Adams (h’chord) | Dulciana (choir) | John Walsh (guitar) | Niwel Tsumbu (guitar + vox) | Eamonn Cagney (percussion)