Isaac Jones / Julia Louise KnifeFist / Angular Hank

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— Isaac Jones —
After tiring of the superstar lifestyle in Argentina, Isaac Jones has spent the last few months on an artists pilgrimage to the land of his ancestors, Ireland (“eye-er-land”)
Jones has released two singles and a music video over the last few months as well as playing a spate of energetic live shows with his band ‘The Part-time Lovers’, most recently supporting Yenkee’s sold out show with MCD upstairs in Whelans.
As we all know history repeats itself, and it’s clear that his conquering of Latin America is repeating itself all over again – except this time it’s in your own back garden.

Listen to his most recent single here:

— Julia Louise KnifeFist —
One of the originators of the Philly KnifeFist scene, Julia Louise himself will be keeping things loud on November 22nd.
Despite their widely reported grievances from Culture Night 2018, Julia Louise has said that Isaac Jones has “nothing to worry about”, and that while his performance may have “more intensity and aggression than ever before”, that this is not a “scare tactic” and that Jones should feel “calm” and “secure”.
JLK has also been keeping himself busy in recent months, putting on several DIY noise gigs and parties, as well as classic Dublin gigspots like his most recent show with Acid Granny and Icebear in Workmans. There is also a large visual component to KinfeFists work, made evident from his live visuals and online prescence most of which is all designed by he, himself. The strongest incarnation of this multimedia aspect can been seen in his most recent music video, which can be found below.

Watch ‘382’ here:

— Angular Hank —
Hank has been on a break from live shows for the batter part of the last year in the name of finishing their debut album.
After pooling most of their money together, the band sent guitarist/bassist/singer Mathieu Doogan to Montreal, Canada to secure a ‘big record deal’, while the rest of the band remained in Ireland to put the final touches on the record. After 3 months Doogan returned empty handed, having spent the majority of his spell there “working” in a gin distillery.
The whole band quickly became disillusioned, jaded not to mention sour, except for Mathieu who became a Cocktail Waiter in the Shelbourne Hotel.
While there is no ‘music’ so to speak, their group therapy sessions have been described as “explosive”, “gripping” and ‘concise’. See it all on November 22nd.

Listen to their most recent single below:

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