GREG TISDALL presents: A Christmas Extravaganza


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Indie Popstar GREG TISDALL presents a Christmas special like no other. Prepare to be filled with joyous Christmas warmth and love. No night will be more gracious or tender than this.

Starting the night off is new-comer Rudy Kelly who will kick things off with an assortment of beautifully sung tunes accompanied with acoustic guitar.

Lu Tyksy who are gearing up for the release of their album ‘Female Friendly’, are up next. As well as 70s rock vibes, expect a wealth of funk and soul with Luke Carey and Maya O’Shea’s contrasting vocals complimented by a tight and tasteful band.

Next up we have alt R&B darlings, Unit 1. Their debut single ‘Maya’ was premiered by District Magazine and their live performances feature a mix of drum pads, sub bass and lo-fi synths.

As well as hosting the night and presenting the above acts, the headline slot will of course be filled by GREG TISDALL himself. Alongside his dynamic band, Tisdall has developed a reputation for frantic, emotional and theatrical shows that he looks to continue with this Christmas special. For this one of a kind night, he will look to take things further than ever before with a litany of new songs, grander outfits and more than a few tricks up his sleeve…

Ticket details to be announced soon…

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