Glimmermen / Neurophone / I Am A Car Crash


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Glimmermen are back! Playing songs from their forthcoming new album at Bello Bar on Sat. the 20th of July. Come, check out the new tunes, new line-up and revel in an exuberant, melodic melding of guitars, drums and brass. They will be joined on the night by Neurophone and I Am A Car Crash

Glimmermen have been busy recording new songs with The Deaf Brothers at The Meadow in Co. Wicklow. They are looking forward to releasing their new third album later in the year. Their previous albums include 2013’s ‘I’m Dead’ and 2016’s ‘Breakin’ Out’. Stay tuned.

“A springy ambience and apocalyptic caveat with added brass stabs, that sees them homing in on the three chords that would change the world. I’d say their gigs are a buzz.” – Eamonn Carr – THE HERALD

Melt into dark, intense, seductive, psychedelic sounds… Neurophone began in 1998, gigging around Dublin and recording the debut album 'Hate, Love, Desire and Dreams' in 1999/2000. Following the album the band went on a
break. In 2018 the band reformed and are currently gigging and working on a second album.

I AM A Car Crash
Close your magnificent eyes & picture Talking Heads with pixie children smashing into a factory of cymbals while U2 are doused in petrol & flamegrilled on the rooftop, then & only then will you be close to the sound of Irish post punk band I Am A Car Crash. Its 2019 & their debut album ‘Blindspots’ covering such topics as religion, tinder dates, conspiracy theories and custody battles will be released in late summer.

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