Davy Kehoe / / / Paj

Friday 6th April 2018

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Davy Kehoe / / / Paj

In 2017 Davy Kehoe released the superb ‘Short Passing Game’ on the Wah Wah Wino label. An beautiful exploratory percolation of acoustic and electronic sounds, it’s unusually different and definitely brilliant.

His live band played numerous festivals in 2017 and this is their first Dublin outing this year.

‘So this is basically one of those rare records that everyone is talking about which is actually pretty fucking good… grab this one fast’ – Boomkat

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Paj is a new band led by singer & guitarist Paddy Groenland and his band who are past and present members of Irish trailblazers Hozier, Loah, Ensemble Eriu, Manden Express, Fehdah, Nava, & Zaska.

Paj’s songs emerge from soul, jazz & world music, divulging experiences of living in USA, Brazil & West Africa… Imagine Jeff Buckley, Thundercat & Joni Mitchell playing basketball in Prince’s house…

“As a musician with Ensemble Eriu, RiZa and Feather, Groenland is no stranger to global sounds and new ways of using them. The lead track on his new Nativism EP (“a reference to the current global struggle for identity and ownership”), is a beautiful guitar piece that has an African, jazz, blues and folk in its DNA.” – Nialler9

“A colourful feast of entrancing sound and melody” – Evening Herald

[blockquote cite=”Nialler9″ type=”left” class=”mvl pvl prl”]’there’s no playing it safe here'[/blockquote]
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