Comfy Coffin’s Crucifixion

FRIDAY 25TH OCTOBER // 8PM // €8 online €10 on the door

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Featuring sets from:

Comfy Coffin – a rock group from Kilramish comprised of devout members of The Church of the Wholly Content. The band have been active in one form or another since 1583 and have produced a multitude of chart topping singles at home and abroad ranging from Christian rock anthems and trad kneeslappers to sadboi cryfests and self indulgent slow dance ballads. Their debut EP ‘Let’s Eat Some Cheese and Head To Bed and Dream That We’re the New U2’ is due out ”at some stage”.

Ushmush – hailing from the wild west of Ireland, Ushmush’s music combines influences from traditional Irish styles, West African and Caribbean music, South American club music styles and radio-pop. With lyrics sung in a mixture of Gaeilge and English, the self-described daidí of Reggaelton is a weird and wonderful addition to the Irish music scene. As a recording artist he has released music with Irish labels SESH FM, and the Wagwan collective.

Shaky Shack – a Dublin duo making organic, home-produced alternative pop from a bedroom. Having released their debut single “Selfish Fever” in the summer of 2018 the pair are looking to make their mark with upcoming releases and energetic live shows. Their sound is a fresh amalgamation of pop with strong elements of jazz, hip-hop, disco and psychedelia.

Stephen Star – a Dublin based musician paving the way for the next wave of new artists in the Dublin scene, creating lo-fi art pop jams that sprawl into something much bigger than it seems, with a diverse range of influences including everyone from Thin Lizzy to contemporaries like Forever Lesbians.

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