Answers from the Airlock

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 // 7pm // €4

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Live electronic music performances are the driving force behind this night being hosted in the Bello Bar this October. The new night is the first instalment by electronic music producer Saga, aka Max Hastings, working in conjunction with the launch of his new label Aklivitus. “I wanted to do something with the live sets where you’ll hear something being played and maybe never hear it again in that exact form. It might come out at some stage as part of a release, but not in the way it was heard first.”

Wednesday 23rd October falls the week before Halloween, which will be a good warm up for the coming winter festivities. “The midweek idea was to do something in the week that’s on an early one, get some good music in and get the last bus. Especially during the winter. Electronic music has always been tied to night clubs, which are disappearing anyway, but I wanted to set up something that’s not in the club environment, the plan is it’ll be every two months but see how it goes.”