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Rosborough is loaded with an alternative grit but lifted by soaring, universal and cinematic soundscapes, Rosborough shares far more of the the sound and spirit of the likes of Jeff Buckley, early Suede and peak Radiohead than he does with his other male solo contemporaries.

‘Another Lesson’ is the stunning debut single from Rosborough. Glenn Rosborough has been creating a stir since he released the single ‘Burn Blue’ in his native Ireland last October. Awarded Single Of The Fortnight by Hot Press magazine, ‘Burn Blue’ was described as “Jawdropping” by Daily Mirror (Ulster), who voted it their No.1 track of 2017 as did Ulster music website Chordblossom.

‘Another Lesson’ shares ‘Burn Blue’s multi-instrumental grace and is the perfect track to launch Derry-born Rosborough to a wider audience.

“It was a house party, we’d been up all night and everybody fell out with each other about something that no one remembers,” he recalls of the song’s inspiration. “It’s about that human capability of having control then losing control. Life’s about choices. You can make excuses or take responsibility for how you interact with the world. Not allowing yourself to get sucked into negativity in life is the best thing you can do.”

“I just want to create what I create,” concludes Rosborough. “Writing feels like you’re chasing a ghost that doesn’t exist. Every time I write something, I feel like i’m closer to finding it. I’ll probably be chasing it for the rest of my life.”

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