A Bright New Year’s Day – KALEIDOSCOPE


The Kaleidoscope series- the perfect way to usher in the 3rd decade of the 21st century! Find your way to the peaceful setting of Bello Bar and an evening of musical solace awaits. Irish/Nordic folk band, Slow Moving Clouds are a spellbinding trio of nyckleharp, fiddle and cello. Mirroring those gentle drones will be the solo- guitar playing of John Lambert, aka Chequerboard, who performed at Kaleidoscope’s New Year’s Day show in 2014. Soprano Elizabeth Hilliard also performed that day and she makes a return to Bello Bar. In the company of flautist Lina Andonovska, Elizabeth present works by contemporary works by David Bremner and Rachael Lavelle, the latter of which is described as “a live smoothie-making performance”…! The last act of the evening is the riotously inventive Far Flung Trio. Here, alongside double bassist Malachy Robinson and accordionist Dermot Dunne, violinist Katherine Hunka makes her first performance as the featured artist for the Kaleidoscope 2020 season.